How To Prevent Corruption
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How To Absolutely Prevent Corruption


There is a way to prevent corruption.  We just aren't intellectually capable of thinking about how to do it yet.

The concept of the untouchable public figure is a likely candidate on where to start, however.

Albeit, consideration  must be given to paradox rather than logic as the Murphy's Law on what can go wrong especially with logical and idealistic situations.  It's as I always say, "Murphy's Law and Cole'sLaw".  Here such entities as China come to view with a different tack to approaching the corruption problem.  Don't you think they just might be on to something trying to patiently understand corruption as a given in human society?  

The Chinese seem to be approaching the problem with utmost care, which, granted, could really backfire on them, but which approach hasn't throughout humankind's sordid little history?  From this distant vantage point, it seems the Chinese are trying to get along in spite of corruption until the time comes when they, along with all the rest of humanity, might grow into the intellectual largesse needed to really deal with the age old problem.  It just might work to the extent, at least, that their prosperity and power will rise to the forefront in the 21st Century arena.

Now, I have had opportunity to investigate corruption in Washington, D.C., where it is an enormous problem, in many ways outclassing ancient Rome and her predecessors.  How have they dealt with it?  They have attempted with quite a measure of success, to hide it.  In some ways, they manage to fool most of the people all of the time by actually gaining common consent to legitimize corruption to the extent that corruption is actually condoned in government circles whilst at the same time being condemned abroad.  And what of those who aren't fooled.  If you're one of those, watch out.  I have found quite a few on the roadside homeless with mere vegetables left for brains.  Others, how can I put it?  Their threats die young.

Be that as it may, another tack into the role of preventing corruption is "casual surveillance" or scrutiny by all the people.  This is begun by establishing conflicting Bureaus of Public Intelligence that report to the public at large, in particular the aspect of the public that cannot for whatever reason, readily be made aware of said intelligence.  The reason for the conflict is because of the likelihood that one Bureau alone would tend to be susceptible to lapse into propaganda and bavarication.

The objective of the BPI would be to subject all aspect of all sectors, public, political, military, business, non-profit and so on to absolute and unlimited transparency at all times, and where secrecy for reasons of national interest is concerned, the public would at least have total scrutiny as to why and the complete history of the incident and all possible declassified material made known.

The representation of the people needs an upgrade.  They need polling devices available on line for each issue in play with the capacity for each citizen represented to write in an issue and others to submit at least a yea-nay position for the attention of their duly elected representative regardless of the party affiliation of the representative and the citizen in question.

But let's not be naf, at least not here.  The democracy is in place at the permission of those really in power, whoever they are, and they would remove it in a heartbeat if it were to either identify them or significantly depart from their purposes.  What can I say, kid?  There is the phenomenon of the ultimate surveillant.   And this then causes the willfully corrupt to destroy themselves.  Actually this is the real reason for corrupt politics.  The people get the leader they deserve.

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